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xSinge_Market_Month_Logo_EN_0.png.pagespeed.ic.zDVFqahiCwA l’invitation de Be Angels, je me rends pour vous à Bruxelles

afin de participer à une table ronde sur la construction d’un marché unique en Europe, particulièrement pour ce qui concerne le e-commerce des PME. je vous invite à me laisser vos commentaires si vous souhaitez que j’aborde un point particulier pour vous. Les débats ont lieu en anglais mais je me ferais votre porte-parole dans la langue de Molière 🙂

Participez sans hésiter en remplissant cette courte étude :
“Helping Small/Medium sized enterprises and Micros (SMEsM) to benefit more from European policies”
La voix de chacun compte !

C’est “Le mois du Marché Unique” et le 4e point abordé est le e-commerce.

C’est un moment important pour faire passer des messages ! Voici quelques informations complémentaires sur le dispositif.


Single Market Month, an initiative from the European Parliament, the European Commission and other European institutions, runs from 23 September until 23 October 2013. It will bring citizens and EU policy-makers together online to discuss progress made so far, the challenges that remain and ideas for the future.

In concrete terms, EU citizens are invited to:

  • Submit ideas on this website which can then be shared, commented and voted on
  • Take part in thematic online chats with policy-makers and experts.

Single Market Month is divided into four thematic weeks (Jobs, Social rights, Banks and E-commerce), the Month will close with a Euronews TV debate at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the 23rd of October.


The Single Market is all about bringing down barriers and simplifying rules. The aim is to empower EU citizens – individuals, consumers and businesses – to make the most of direct access to 28 countries and 506 million people. Thanks to the Single Market, EU citizens benefit from lower prices, a wider choice of products and services, a larger presence on the world stage and more business opportunities.

Download the Backgrounder (PDF)

Download the Facts and Figures (PDF)

Practical information:



For both consumers and companies alike, buying, selling and communicating online has transformed day-to-day life. This debate could include anything from buying and selling online, to VAT on online purchases, delivery issues, privacy on social media and more.

Download the Backgrounder (PDF)

Download the Facts and Figures (PDF)



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