LeWeb, I’m back! #LaPosteLeWeb

Internet of Things, IoT, are you aware?

Do you remember pasts main themes of LeWeb?

Love, SoLoMo, etc. As usual, LeWeb is at the vanguard of trends, sometimes smoky (fumeux?), unbelievable, too early. But surely impossible to miss. This year’s program will as usual be amazing.


I missed last edition with regrets, a lot. As I left Oxatis a few months before, uncertain about my professional choices, I canceled. I won’t miss that one, excited “comme une puce” and almost ready to enjoy that huge event.

Internet of Things, the next stage of the digital era, the Renaissance our old country so hardly catches… We need such major and international exhibits to explain, show, convince our old world (politics, mainly) to handle it : the life is turning into digits.

Digits? Not really, it’s a matter of people.

LeWeb is the only way to meet live these people from abroad… I’ll meet them next week. I will carefully listen, record, report through my personal prism: e commerce.

LeWeb is on track on e commerce for years. This time, thanks to Groupe LaPoste, we will have a great time around e commerce on a dedicated track on december the 4th, giving voice to a bunch of specialists. Agenda LeWeb LaPoste here, I noticed :

  • 14.15-15.15 : Keynote Catherine Barba et Delphine Remy-Boutang
    What’s hot ? Quels sont les fondamentaux immuables et les innovations qui vont tout changer ?
    (What’s HOT, you said Hot? really :))
  • 15.20-15.35 : Paul Dupuy, VP Europe – The Fancy
  • 16.30-16.40 : e-commerce start-up contest
    5 french early stage companies innovating for retailers, brands or distributors.
    16.40-16.52 : Tedemis
    16.52-17.04 :
    17.04-17.16 :
    My favorite, I hope to meet the founder
    17.16-17.28 :
    We Love Motion
    17.28-17.40 :

Groupe LaPoste invited me as one of their official blogger

I warmly thank their management team (Nathalie, Isabelle, Patrice) and social media specialist support Delphine. I invite you to discover their Website LaPoste for LeWeb, with all social connections, and hope we will have a great time together.

See you @Leweb!


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