I applied for LeWeb11 #crossfingers


Just finished filling the (very long) form to apply for next edition of LeWeb as a blogger. I desperately want to come to that edition, even if my actual status is unclear between blogger, entrepreneur, looking for opportunities, etc.

I fairly will play the game of giving that event a professional coverage, connected to my field of activities, hazardously… SOcial, LOcal, MObile with an ecommerce bias, my point of view of online sales specialist. Ecommerce is going social, local, mobile, I keep saying it for years through my previous job of VP Marketing at Oxatis. And I won’t only telling it, I will effectively doing it in my new business projet in mobile application and community management services I will unveil in a few days.

If Stephanie BOOTH or Frederic DEVILAMIL pay a visit to my blog (this is the right place, keep reading), please take into consideration the complete rebuid of that blog (I still try to repost old posts, including the ones telling about previous LeWeb editions), my new business coming (I cannot communicate about it for now, but it is completely connected to this year’s theme) and my love and talkative (and let’s say, picturative 🙂 ) attitude in such geekie events.



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